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CharmedSchool by Serallena CharmedSchool :iconserallena:Serallena 0 0 Staredown by Serallena Staredown :iconserallena:Serallena 0 0 ladiesofmotorcity by Serallena ladiesofmotorcity :iconserallena:Serallena 0 0 Academic by Serallena Academic :iconserallena:Serallena 4 6 traffic lite by Serallena traffic lite :iconserallena:Serallena 0 10 rawr by Serallena rawr :iconserallena:Serallena 0 7
I'll protect you.
That lump in her mother's stomach is first fascinating and then disgusting.
Disgusting because she knows what it is.
Because her father spends so much time touching it.
Smiling wistfully.
With pride.
Why? A lump can't do anything. It's just a lump. That is practically the definition.
She overhears her mother say,
She doesn't kick hard like Victoria.
Victoria manages to avoid looking at it the entire first week – an impressive feat, really.
But Victoria is very capable of impressive feats.
Not like that lump – it's still a lump, since it doesn't do anything.
Except sleep and cry
And get cooed over by all the grownups.
When nobody's around, Victoria approaches.
Tries to apply the scientific method to see what exactly is so special about this lump.
But there's nothing.
Three times she tries to run away from home.
Six times she tries to kill it.
Five times she is told that trying to kill it is a Very Bad Thing.
The sixth time, her father takes her aside and hisse
:iconserallena:Serallena 1 4
hear. me. ROAR by Serallena hear. me. ROAR :iconserallena:Serallena 6 12 Trevor - Elite Eight by Serallena Trevor - Elite Eight :iconserallena:Serallena 7 10
more terrible emo poetry
i'm so full of ANGER and HATE and SICKNESS of the variety that
every awful thing embarrassing thing stupid thing
comes flying in my head unheeded and
makes me flash with heat and all my guts try to force their way out of my throat at once
i twitch and tear my hair and try to force myself to calm down
everything feels PANIC PANIC there is something everything WRONG you have to DO SOMETHING you can't DO ANYTHING
nothing's wrong there's nothing wrong
why doesn't my brain believe there's nothing wrong
there must be something wrong
there's everything wrong
i'm a failure i'm a loser i am irresponsible i am trying i am trying
i am trying and failing
and trying and failing
i'm hitting i'm smashing i'm mashing the keys and trying to decide
what site has the answers
doesn't the internet have all the answers to all the problems somewhere?
but there's nothing out there and there's nothing in here
nothing wrong there's nothing wrong
everything is wrong
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my goddess bears fruit by Serallena my goddess bears fruit :iconserallena:Serallena 0 0 the drummer by Serallena the drummer :iconserallena:Serallena 0 0 Kanto Ghosts by Serallena Kanto Ghosts :iconserallena:Serallena 7 3 The Flower Collector by Serallena The Flower Collector :iconserallena:Serallena 0 0 sOmewHEre.FAR.aLoNG.thIs.RoaD by Serallena sOmewHEre.FAR.aLoNG.thIs.RoaD :iconserallena:Serallena 1 4
once upon a cbox
Once upon a time there was a site on a web
and the site was a Phoenix but the Phoenix sang in CSS
(it was wretched without autotune)
and every feather was a whole entire world.
Once upon a time the worlds on the feathers had people living on them.
In them.
In Texas. and also Pennsylvania.
Once upon a time there was summer camp and I went for a week and slept in a little tent-cabin
(among spiderwebs)
but there was no web
I asked my mother to print out the world as it changed while I was away and mail it to me.
the world of words from my-once-upon-a-time-most-important-people
I can still remember what it said.
"Uhh, wow. Josh is crazy. Maybe you should have him put down. xD"
"A whole week? But but I'll miss you ;_____;"
(I remember now that I don't remember exactly, but I do remember it was grief and sad emotes and love)
And when I came back:
Three people only in world of feathers on a Phoenix that sang in CSS
But it was a world filled with promise, once
:iconserallena:Serallena 1 0



Sera the Pessimistic
United States
Current Residence: My own little world
Operating System: Acer Aspire Notebook
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Favourite cartoon character: Near
Personal Quote: "Land-squid?!"
I just submitted my entry for the #ladiesofmotorcity contest

and set a clickthrough link to this dA

i dont want people to come to this dA i havent posted art on it in a zillion years the gallery is full of terrible

oh well


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Sera, this rp where I am Dualscar
it is the best thing
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